John Aguilar, Jr., L.Ac., R.Y.T., M.S.TCM

Licensed AcupuncturistChinese Medical HerbalistYoga and Tai Chi Instructor

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi chuan (often referred to simply as 'Tai chi') is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. More and more people are beginning to realize its ability to calm the mind, ease stress, increase balance, and so on.

Perhaps unknown to many, though, Tai chi is a martial art (Tai chi chuan translates as 'Supreme Ultimate Martial Art'), and it is one of the most powerful martial arts our species has yet to create. That which distinguishes it as truly the 'Supreme Ultimate' also makes it a uniquely powerful form of exercise to battle illness, maintain health, and for disease prevention. Learn more below:

The regular practice of Tai chi unleashes the flowing energy of the body. No obstacle to health can long stand in its way...