John Aguilar, Jr., L.Ac., R.Y.T., M.S.TCM

Licensed AcupuncturistChinese Medical HerbalistYoga and Tai Chi Instructor


Initial Session: $80

      (1.5-2 hours, full Chinese medical intake and acupuncture treatment)

Follow-up Session: $60

      (45-60 min, intake and acupuncture treatment)

Herbal Formulas: $15-$25/wk average

      (varies with size of formula)

Private Instruction:

      $60/hour, $35/half hour
      (Yoga, Tai chi chuan, qi gong, and meditation - current, active patients only)


       Regular Rate, plus $50/hour travel time


       I am not part of any networks, but I will be happy to bill insurance if your policy covers out-of-network providers.


       Discounted rates are available when treatment is combined with the services of the following local healthcare professionals -

Eric Burns, MS/MFCT

      Providing Various Therapies for Individuals, Families, Couples, and Children -

Contact me for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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