John Aguilar, Jr., L.Ac., R.Y.T., M.S.TCM

Licensed AcupuncturistChinese Medical HerbalistYoga and Tai Chi Instructor

My Private Practice

I run a full-spectrum Chinese medical practice in Denver, Colorado. In my private practice, I effectively treat a diverse range of disorders, acute to chronic, physical to mental/emotional, using several classic Chinese medical modalities, such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, therapeutic exercise (qi gong), diet therapy, and Chinese medical counseling.

My practice style presents as closer to counseling than medical. I spend an hour with patients and encourage them to speak openly and freely about all areas of life.

I prefer this style, as opposed to a more detached, symptom-based, in-and-out style, as it allows to me to appreciate the patient and their current issues in the deeper, more rich context of their whole life. This greater detail leads to increased likelihood of clinical effectiveness.

Generally, physical symptoms see significant improvement, if not complete eradication, within three to six sessions. Beyond that, treatments may continue, as we look closer at their life and address deeper, more complex issues.

The goal, with all patients, is get them as close to perfect health - no symptoms, combined with full awareness and freedom to do whatever they wish with their lives - as they want. Towards that end, in addition to the full range of clinical modalities, such as acupuncture and herbs, I offer private instruction in all areas of health: exercise (Tai Chi Chuan and qi gong), meditation, diet, etc. I encourage all patients to take full advantage to attain the greatest health of their lives!

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To schedule an appointment, you may call me at 720.284.1374 or email me.

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