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Herb Pictures

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The following pictures are from my pharmacy Rising Sun Oriental Medicine Pharmacy, co-founded with Mally, Shaw, L.Ac.. We carry high quality herbs that are sulphur free and, whenever possible, lab tested for heavy metals (such as lead, mercury and arsenic), mircobacteria, and pesticide residues. In addition, these herbs are gathered from their indigenous regions (ensuring proper climate, soil, and water for active ingredients), examined to ensure they are the correct species and grade, and are processed according to traditional techniques at a PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation / Scheme) GMP Certified Plant.

The herbs are listed alphabetically according to pin-yin (menu on the left side of your screen). Pictures are given along side each name to help ensure selection of the correct herb. For a larger, more detailed picture click on the image provided. (Please note, you may need to enable popups in your browser.)

Ai ye
Picture of Ai ye
Artemisia argyi; Folium Mugwort leaf
Ba ji tian, zhi
Picture of Ba ji tian
Morinda officinalis; Radix Praeparata Morinda root
(Bai) Bian dou
Picture of (Bai) Bian dou
Dolichos lablab; Semen Hyacinth bean
Bai dou kou
Picture of Bai dou kou
Amomum kravanh; Fructus Cardamon
Bai he
Picture of Bai he
Lilium spp; Bulbus Lily bulb
Bai hua she she cao
Picture of Bai hua she she cao
Oldenlandia diffusa; Herba Oldenlandia
Bai jiang cao
Picture of Bai jiang cao
Patrinia spp; Herba Patrinia
Bai shao (yao)
Picture of Bai shao (yao)
Paeonia lactiflora; Radix White peony root
Bai zhi
Picture of Bai zhi
Angelica dahurica; Radix Angelica root
Bai zhu
Picture of Bai zhu
Atractylodes macrocephala; Rhizoma White atractylodes
Bai zi ren
Picture of Bai zi ren
Platycladus orientalis; Semen Biota seed
Ban lan gen, bei
Picture of Ban lan gen
Isatis indigotica; Radix Isatis root, northern
Ban xia, fa
Picture of Ban xia
Pinellia ternata; Rhizome cum Zingerberis Pinellia
(Bei) Sha shen
Picture of Bei sha shen
Glehnia littoralis; Radix Glehnia
Bei xie
Picture of Bei xie
Dioscorea hypoglauca; Rhizoma
Bie jia
Picture of Bie jia
Carapax Amydae Sinensis Chinese soft-shelled turtle shell
Bo he
Picture of Bo he
Mentha spp; Herba Field mint
Bu gu zhi
Picture of Bu gu zhi
Psoralea corylifolia; Fructus Psoralea fruit

Cang er zi
Picture of Cang er zi
Xanthium sibircum; Fructus Cockleburr
Cang zhu
Picture of Cang zhu
Atractylodes spp; Rhizoma Atractylodes (black)
Cao wu, zhi
Picture of Cao wu
Aconitum spp; Radix Processed wild aconite
Ce bai ye
Picture of Ce bai ye
Platycladus orientalis; Cacumen Arborvitae
Chai hu
Picture of Chai hu
Bupleurum spp; Radix Thorowax root
Chan tui
Picture of Chan tui
Periostracum Cicadae Cicada molting
Chao mai ya
Picture of Chao mai ya
Hordei vulgaris germinantis; Fructus Toasted barley sprouts
Che qian zi
Picture of Che qian zi
Plantago spp; Semen Plantago seeds
Chen pi
Picture of Chen pi
Citrus reticulata; Pericarpium Aged citrus peel
Chi fu ling
Picture of Chi fu ling
Poria cocos; Sclerotium (red) Hoelen
Chi shao (yao)
Picture of Chi shao (yao)
Paeonia rubra; Radix Red Peony root
Chong lou
Picture of Chong lou
Paridis; Rhizoma Paris rhizome
Chuan lian zi
Picture of Chuan lian zi
Melia toosendan; Fructus Toosendan fruit; Sichuan chinaberry
Chuan niu xi
Picture of Chuan niu xi
Cyathula officinalis; Radix Cyathula
Chuan xiong, jiu zhi
Picture of Chuan xiong
Ligusticum chuanxiong; Radix Preaparata Ligusticum; Szechuan lovage root; Enidium

Da fu pi
Picture of Da fu pi
Areca catechu; Pericarpium Betel husk; Areca peel
Da huang
Picture of Da huang
Rheum spp; Radix et Rhizoma Rhubarb root and rhizome
Da qing ye
Picture of Da qing ye
Isatis indigotica; Folium Indigo
Da zao (hong)
Picture of Da zao
Ziziphus jujuba; Fructus Chinese date; jujube (black)
Dan dou chi
Picture of Dan dou chi
Soya; Semen Praeparata Prepared soybean
Dan nan xing
Picture of Dan nan xing
Pulvis Arisaemae cum Felle Bovis Arisaema
Dan shen, ye
Picture of Dan shen
Salvia miltiorrhiza; Radix Salvia root (wildcrafted)
Dan zhu ye
Picture of Dan zhu ye
Lophatherum gracile; Herba Lophatherum stem and leaves
Dang gui
Picture of Dang gui
Angelica sinensis; Radix Chinese angelica root;Tang-Kuei
Dang gui wei
Picture of Dan gui wei
Angelica sinensis; Radix Chinese angelica root tail
Dang shen
Picture of Dang shen
Codonopsis spp; Radix Codonopsis root
Deng xin cao
Picture of Deng xin cao
Juncus effusus; Medulla Juncus; Rush pith
Di fu zi
Picture of Di fu zi
Kochia scoparia; Fructus Kochia fruit; Broom cypress
Di long
Picture of Di long
Pheretima Aspergillum Earthworm
Du huo
Picture of Du huo
Angelica pubescens; Radix Pubescent angelica root
Du zhong
Picture of Du zhong
Eucommia ulmoides;Cortex Eucommia bark

E jiao
Picture of E jiao
Corii Asini; Gelatinum Ass-hide glue
E zhu
Picture of E zhu
Curcuma phaeocaulis; Rhizoma Zedoaria
Fang feng
Picture of Fang feng
Saposhnikovia divaricata; Radix Ledebouriella root; Siler
Fu ling
Picture of Fu ling
Poria cocos; Sclerotium Poria; Hoelen
Fu shen
Picture of Fu shen
Poria cocos; Sclerotium cum Radice Poria spirit
Fu xiao mai
Picture of Fu xiao mai
Triticum aestivum levis; Fructus Light wheat grain (unripe)
Fu zi
Picture of Fu zi
Gan Cao
Picture of Gan cao
Glycyrrhiza spp; Radix Licorice root
Gan jiang
Picture of Gan jiang
Zingiber officinale; Rhizoma Dried ginger
Gao ben
Picture of Gao ben
Ligusticum spp; Radix Ligusticum root; Chinese lovage root
Ge gen
Picture of Ge gen
Pueraria spp; Radix Pueraria; Kudzu
Gou qi zi
Picture of Gou qi zi
Lycium chinense; Fructus Chinese wolfberry fruit; Lycium
Gou teng
Picture of Gou teng
Uncaria spp; Ramulus Gambir
Gu sui bu
Picture of Gu sui bu
Drynaria spp; Rhizoma Drynaria
Gua lou
Picture of Gua lou
Trichosanthes kirilowii;Fructus Trichosanthes fruit
Gua lou pi
Picture of Gua lou pi
Trichosanthes kirilowii;Pericarpium Trichosanthes fruit rind
Gui ban
Picture of Gui ban
Plastrum Testudinis Turtle shell
Gui zhi
Picture of Gui zhi
Cinnamomum cassia; Ramulus Cinnamon twig

Hai jin sha
Picture of Hai jin sha
Lygodium japonicum;Spora Lygodium spore
Han lian cao
Picture of Han lian cao
Eclipta prostrata; Herba Eclipta
He huan pi
Picture of He huan pi
Albizia julibrissin; Cortex Mimosa tree bark; Albizzia
He shou wu
Picture of He shou wu
Polygonum multiflorum; Radix Fo-ti root
(Hei) Zhi ma
Picture of (Hei) Zhi ma
Sesamum nigrum; Semen Black sesame seed
Hong hua
Picture of Hong hua
Carthamus tinctorius; Flos Safflower flower; Carthamus
Hou po
Picture of Ho pou
Magnolia officinalis; Cortex Magnolia bark
Hu po
Picture of Hu po
Pinus succinifer; Resina Amber
Hua shi
Picture of Hua shi
Talcum Talcum
Huai hua (mi)
Picture of Huai hua
Sophora japonica; Flos Pagoda tree flower; Sophora flower
Huai niu xi
Picture of Huai niu xi
Achyranthes bidentata; Radix Achyranthes root
Huang bai
Picture of Huang bai
Phellodendron spp; Cortex Phellodendron; Amur cork-tree bark
Huang jing
Picture of Huang jing
Polygonatum spp; Rhizoma Polygonati
Huang lian**
Picture of Huang lian
Coptis spp; Rhizoma Coptis
Huang qi, shan xi
Picture of Huang qi
Astragalus membranaceus; Radix Astragalus
Huang qin
Picture of Huang qin
Scutellaria baicalensis; Radix Scute; Scutellaria; Baical skullcap root
Huo ma ren
Picture of Huo ma ren
Cannabis sativa; Semen Praeparata Hemp seeds; Cannabis seeds; Linum
Huo xiang
Picture of Huo xiang
Agastaches; Herba Patchouli

Ji nei jin
Picture of Ji nei jin
Endithelium Corneum Gigeraiae Galli Chicken gizzard lining
Ji xue teng
Picture of Ji xue teng
Spatholobus suberectus; Caulis Millettia root and vine
Jiang huang
Picture of Jiang huang
Curcuma longa; Rhizoma Turmeric rhizome
Jie geng
Picture of Jie geng
Platycodon grandiflorum; Radix Platycodon; Root of the balloon flower
Jin yin hua
Picture of Jin yin hua
Lonicera spp; Flos Honeysuckle flower; Lonicera
Jin ying zi
Picture of Jin ying zi
Rosa laevigata; Fructus Cherokee rosehip
Jing jie
Picture of Jing jie
Rosa laevigata; Fructus Cherokee rosehip
Ju hua
Picture of Ju hua
Chrysanthemum morifolium; Flos Chrysanthemum flower
Jue ming zi
Picture of 
Jue ming zi
Cassia tora; Semen Cassia
Ku shen
Picture of Ku shen
Sophora flavescens; Radix Sophora root
Kuan dong hua
Picture of Kuan dong hua
Tussilago farfara; Flos Coltsfoot flower; Tussilago
Lai fu zi
Picture of Lai fu zi
Raphani sativi; Semen Radish seed
Lian qiao
Picture of Lian qiao
Forsythia suspensa; Fructus Forsythia fruit
(Bai) Lian zi
Picture of (Bai) Lian zi
Nelumbo nucifera; Semen Lotus seed
Long dan cao
Picture of Long dan cao
Gentiana spp; Radix Gentiana
Long gu
Picture of Long gu
Os Draconis Dragon bone; Fossilized vertabrae and bones of the extremities (usually of mammals)
Long yan rou
Picture of Long yan rou
Dimocarpus longan; Arillus Longan
Lu gen
Picture of Lu gen
Phragmites communis; Rhizoma Reed rhizome
Lu jiao jiao
Picture of Lu jiao jiao
Colla cornus cervi Antler glue
Lu lu tong
Picture of Lu lu tong
Liquidamber taiwaniana; Fructus Liquidamber fruit; Sweetgum fruit
Lu rong** ($0.85/gram)
Picture of Lu rong
Comu Cervi Parvum Velvet of young deer antler

Ma bo
Picture of Ma bo
Lasiosphaera fenzlium Lasiosphaera
Mai men dong
Picture of Mai men dong
Ophiopogon japonicus; Radix Ophiopogon tuber
Mang xiao
Picture of Mang xiao
Mirabilitum Depuratum Mirabilite; Glauber's salt
Mo yao, chao
Picture of Mao yao
Commiphora myrrha Myrrh
Mu dan pi
Picture of Mu dan pi
Paeonia suffruticosa; Cortex Moutan; Cortex of tree peony root
Mu gua
Picture of Mu gua
Chaenomeles speciosa; Fructus Chinese quince fruit
Mu li
Picture of Mu li
Concha Ostreae Oyster shell
Mu tong, chuan
Picture of Mu tong
Clematis armandii; Caulis Akebia caulis
Mu xiang
Picture of Mu xiang
Saussurea lappa; Radix Costus root; Saussurea
Niu bang zi
Picture of Niu bang zi
Arctium lappa; Fructus Great burdock fruit; Arctium
Nu zhen zi
Picture of Niu zhen zi
Ligustrum lucidum; Fructus Privet fruit; Ligustrum
Ou jie
Picture of Ou jie
Nelumbo nucifera; Nodus Node of lotus rhizome
Pi pa ye
Picture of Pi pa ye
Eriobotrya japonica; Folium Loquat leaf; Eriobotrya
Pu huang
Picture of Pu huang
Typha spp; Pollen Cattail pollen; Bulrush

Qian hu
Picture of Qian hu
Peucedanum spp; Radix Hogfennel root; Peucedanum
Qian shi
Picture of Qian shi
Euryale ferox; Semen Euryale seeds
Qiang huo
Picture of Qiang huo
Notopterygium spp; Rhizoma seu Radix Notopterygium
Qin jiao
Picture of Qian jiao
Gentiana macrophylla; Radix Gentiana macrophylla root
Qing pi
Picture of Qing pi
Citrus reticulata immaturus; Pericarpium Unripe tangerine peel
Qu mai
Picture of Qu mai
Dianthus spp; Herba Aerial parts of Chinese pink
Ren shen, shih chih**
Picture of Ren shen
Panax ginseng Ginseng, red panax
Rou cong rong
Picture of Rou cong rong
Cistanche deserticola; Herba Fleshy stem of broomrape; Cistanche
Rou dou kou
Picture of Rou dou kou
Myristica fragrans; Semen Nutmeg seeds
Rou gui
Picture of Rou gui
Cinnamomum cassia; Ramulus Cinnamon bark
Ru xiang, chao
Picture of Ru xiang
Boswellia carterii; Resina Frankincense

San leng
Picture of San leng
Sparganium stoloniferum; Rhizoma Scirpus; Bur-reed rhizome
San qi
Picture of San qi
Panax notoginseng; Radix Notoginseng
Sang ji sheng
Picture of Sang ji sheng
Taxillus chinensis; Herba Mulberry mistletoe stems; Loranthus
Sang shen (zi)
Picture of Sang shen
Morus alba; Fructus Mulberry fruitspike; Morus fruit
Sang ye
Picture of Sang ye
Morus alba; Folium White mulberry leaf
Sang zhi
Picture of Sang zhi
Morus alba; Ramulus Mulberry twig; Morus twig
Sha ren
Picture of Sha ren
Amomum spp; Fructus Cardamon; Grains of paradise fruit
(Huai) Shan yao, chao
Picture of Shan yao, chao
Dioscorea oppositiflora; Radix Chinese yam; Dioscorea
Shan zha, chao
Picture of Shan zha
Crataegus pinnatifida; Fructus Hawthorn fruit
Shan zhu yu
Picture of Shan zhu yu
Cornus officinalis; Fructus Asiatic Cornelian cherry fruit; Cornus
She gan
Picture of She gan
Belamcanda chinensis; Rhizoma Belamcanda rhizome
Shen qu
Picture of Shen qu
Massa medicata fermentata Fermented Leaven
Sheng di huang
Picture of Sheng di
Rehmannia glutinosa; Radix Chinese foxglove root; Rehmannia (unprepared)
Sheng ma
Picture of Sheng ma
Cimicifuga foetida;Rhizoma Bugbane rhizome; Cimicifuga
(Shi) Chang pu
Picture of Shi chang pu
Acorus gramineus; Rhizoma Sweetflag rhizome; Acorus
Shi gao
Picture of Shi gao
Gypsum Fibrosum Gypsum
Shi jue ming
Picture of Shi jue ming
Concha Haliotidis Abalone shell
Shi wei
Picture of Shi wei
Pyrrosia spp; Herba Pyrrosia leaves
Shu di huang
Picture of Shu di
Rehmannia glutinosa; Radix Praeparata Rhemannia (prepared)
Suan zao ren
Picture of Suan zao ren
Ziziphus jujuba spinosa; Semen Sour jujube seed; Zizyphus

Tao ren
Picture of Tao ren
Prunus persica; Semen Peach kernel; Parsica
Tian hua fen
Picture of Tian hua fen
Trichosanthes kirilowii; Radix Trichosanthes root
Tian ma
Picture of Tian ma fen
Gastrodia elata; Rhizoma Gastrodia
Tian men dong
Picture of Tian men dong
Asparagus cochinchinensis; Radix Asparagus Root
Tu bie chong
Picture of Tu bie chong
Eupolyphaga Sinensis Chinese wingless coackroach
Tu si zi, chao
Picture of Tu si zi
Cuscuta chinensis; Semen Praeparata Chinese dodder seeds; Cuscuta
Wa leng zi
Picture of Wa leng zi
Arcae; Concha Cockle shell/Ark shell
Wang bu liu xing (zi)
Picture of Wang bu liu xing
Vaccaria segetalis; Semen Vaccaria seeds
Wei ling xian
Picture of Wei ling xian
Clematis chinensis; Radix Clematis
Wu mei
Picture of Wu mei
Prunus mume; Fructus Praeparata Mume fruit
Wu wei zi
Picture of Wu wei zi
Schisandra chinensis; Fructus Schisandra fruit
Wu yao
Picture of Wu yao
Lindera aggrrgata; Radix Lindera root

Xi xian cao
Picture of Xi xian cao
Siegesbeckia spp; Herba Siegesbeckia
Xi yang shen**
Picture of Xi yang shen
Xi Yang Shen American ginseng
Xiao ku cao
Picture of Xia ku cao
Prunella vulgaris; Spica Selfheal spike; Prunella
Xian mao
Picture of Xian mao
Curculigo orchioides; Rhizoma Golden eye-grass rhizome
Xiang fu
Picture of Xiang fu
Cyperus rotundus; Rhizoma Nut-grass rhizome
Xiang ru
Picture of Xiang ru
Elsholtzia splendens; Herba Aromatic madder
Xiao hui xiong
Picture of Xiao hui xiong
Foeniculum vulgare;Fructus Fennel fruit
Xiao ji
Picture of Xiao ji
Circium segetum; Herba Small thistle
Xin yi (hua)
Picture of Xin yi (hua)
Magnolia spp; Flos Magnolia flower
Xing ren
Picture of Xing ren
Armeniaca amarum; Semen Apricot Seed
Xu duan
Picture of Xu duan
Dipsacus asper; Radix Japanese teasel root
Xuan fu hua
Picture of Xuan fu hua
Inulae; Flos Inula flower
Xuan shen
Picture of Xuan shen
Scrophularia ningpoensis; Radix Ningpo figwort root
Xue jie**
Picture of Xue jie
Calamus draco; Resina Dragon's Blood

Yan hu suo
Picture of Yan hu suo
Corydalis yanhusuo; Tuber Praeparata Corydalis
Ye jiao teng
(aka Shou Wu Teng)
Picture of Ye jiao teng
Polygonum multiflorum; Caulis Fo-ti Stem
Yi mu cao
Picture of Yi mu cao
Leonorus heterophyllus; Herba Chinese motherwort
Yi yi ren
Picture of Yi yi ren
Coix lacryma-jobi; Semen Seeds of Job's tears
Yi zhi ren
Picture of Yi zhi ren
Alpinia oxyphylla; Fructus Black cardamon
Yin chen hao
Picture of Yin chen hao
Artemisia capillaris; Herba Capillaris
Yin yang huo
Picture of Yin yang huo
Epimedium spp; Herba Epimedium
Yu jin
Picture of Yu jin
Curcuma spp; Radix Tumeric tuber
Yuan zhi
Picture of Yuan zhi
Polygala spp.; Radix Praeparata Polygala

Ze lan
Picture of Ze lan
Lycopi lucidi; Herba Lycopi
Ze xie
Picture of Ze xie
Alismatis orientalis; Rhizoma Water plantain
Zhe bei mu**
Picture of Zhe bei mu
Fritillaria thunbergii; Bulbus Fritillaria
Zhen zhu mu
Picture of Zhen zhu mu
Concha Margarita Ferae Mother-of-pearl
Zhi gan cao
Picture of Zhi gan cao
Glycyrrhiza spp; Radix Praeparata Licorice root, prepared
Zhi huang qi
Picture of Zhi huang qi
Astragalus spp; Radix Praeparata Astragalus, prepared
Zhi ke
Picture of Zhi ke
Citrus aurantium; Fructus Ripe fruit of bitter orange
Zhi mu
Picture of Zhi mu
Anemarrhena asphodeloides; Rhizoma Anemarrhena
Zhi shi
Picture of Zhi shi
Citrus aurantium immaturus; Fructus Immature fruit of bitter orange
Zhi zi
Picture of Zhi zi
Gardenia jasminoides; Fructus Cape jasmine fruit
Zhu ling
Picture of Zhu ling
Polyporus umbellatus; Sclerotium Polyporus sclerotium
Zhu ru
Picture of Zhu ru
Bambusa spp; Caulis Bamboo shavings
Zi cao
Picture of Zi cao
Arnebia spp; Radix Groomwell root
Zi ran tong
Picture of Zi ran tong
Pyritum Pyrite
Zi su ye
Picture of Zi su ye
Perilla frutescens; Folium Perilla leaf